Friday, August 21, 2009

Squaw Creek, CA


Hacobo said...

Squaw Creek? My friend Kyle bought a land camera for the hell of it, only to find out that someone had dumped over 400 cartridges of 669 film in the dumpster behind his work.

Hacobo said...

Do you tweak the photos in iPhoto, or is that how they naturally come out?

Raymond Molinar said...


i do not tweak photos in iphoto or any other photo program..there all raw scans.

Digital photos are the only ones that should be tweaked if anything.

im not a fan of manipulated photos.

thanks for the comments.

Hacobo said...

oh, right on.

You're welcome.

Polaroid soph said...

this photo gives me goose bumps! i love it! ps: i wholeheartedly concur with you re: the digitals are the only shots that should ever be altered! film is not dead!

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