Monday, April 12, 2010

Borrego Springs/The Salton Sea.


Toronto Lovers said...

love these polas, specially the last one! congrats

caballosblancos said...

Have an awesome time up the Amazon.
Take some photos of trees and plants (and other wildlife things) and I can publish them on a website I run.


Raymond Molinar said...

will do buddy..i brought a shit load of film for this trip.

i will let you know when i get back.

if you want to see lame digi updates of the trip visit my other digi/film blog.

take care!

caballosblancos said...

I didn't know you had a digicam, sucker.


Will do! Digi more suited anyway, so will look forward to it. Have some good adventuring.

Skate Forte do Norte said...

show photos in blog...yuor in Belém muito style e show...obrigado...dudu

skipe: dudu.sardo

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